Philips HR7762 Food Processor Review

  • Maximum revenue for minimum effort. This Philips food processor and Compact 3-in-1 has a 2-liter bowl, a blender and a chopper. Its four stainless steel discs allow you to cook effortlessly all your favorite recipes. Storage accessories included.
  • Extreme precision: 750 watt motor for more power, 2 speed settings and Pulse function for optimum comfort, Up to 5 servings at once, Accessories for over 28 functions with ease
  • Easy to use: Combinations gear and accessories with color easy, convenient storage accessories included, accessories and recessed forms codes for easy assembly
  • Durable and reliable: Hard Stainless steel slicing, shredding, granulating, cut in the shape of fries, very resistant bowl designed for a very stable robust intensive use, Base, even kneading fashion accessories from the dishwasher.
  • Powerful: This Philips food processor has a powerful 2-speed motor and a pulse function so you can control the preparation of your favorite recipes.
  • 2 speed settings and Pulse function: For best results, use the lowest setting (speed 1) speed to beat the cream, eggs, pastries and to cook the dough. The highest speed (2) is perfectly suited for chopping onions and meat, in soups or smoothies, or grating or slicing vegetables.
Accessories for more than 28 functions:
  • Accessories kneading compatible dishwasher, allow you to mix and knead all kinds of dough.
  • A stainless steel blade for the preparation of meat and vegetables.
  • Multiple disks for slicing and grating.
  • A 1-liter Heavy-duty blender for blending, crushing and stirring different ingredients. An emulsifying disc for whipping cream and mayonnaise.
  • A grinder to grind the coffee beans for example.
  • Up to 5 servings at once: The large bowl of the two allows you to prepare up to 5 servings of soup at once.
  • Speeds / accessories with color codes: Match the colors of the speed and the accessory for optimized results.
  • Storage included accessories: storage space allows you to keep on hand all the accessories of your food processor Philips. You can safely keep all sharp stainless steel accessories!
  • Tools / fittings of complementary shape: Unlike household robots lesser quality, food processor Philips is very easy to assemble. Its parts fit together are very simple thanks to the clever design accessories.
  • Stainless steel discs: Discs stainless steel lets you quickly prepare your homemade dishes.
  • Very resistant bowl designed for intensive use: highly resistant bowl
  • Sturdy base: very stable strong base, even mixing fashion
  • Included Accessories: Mixing bowl (1,2 l), Mini Chopper, A blade Tool kneading, emulsifying disc, slicing disc to pay bookable (thick), hard to decide to pay reversible (end) Disc granulating disc fries, spatula, storage box accessories, Manual with recipes.
  • Color: Pearl Grey
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Speeds: 2 + Pulse
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Bowl capacity flour: 500 g
  • Bowl capacity solid ingredients: 1,2 l
  • Blender capacity: 1.75 l
  • Capacity bowl liquid ingredients: 1,2 l
  • Capacity mini chopper: 250 ml
  • Length of power cord: 1 m
  • Safety lid and bowl detection, mechanical 1.5 sec brake
Customer Reviews

After using, for 20 years, a Robot Kenwood classic, very robust (but noisy) and just as complete as this Philips, I was a little tank, the quality of finishing it. Finally, I am pleasantly surprised, because it is not only very strong but also very practical, easy to clean and accessories take up much less space in the drawer well designed and supplied with!

All accessories and bowls are dishwasher safe.Discs are made of stainless steel with very solid and unalterable plastic axes.

Cuisinart SSB1E Food Processor Review

Thanks to the speed of the heating element, the blender Cuisinart Soup Maker SSB1E can prepare soups, purees, sauces, desserts in just 20 minutes!

Besides its function blender, the Cuisinart Soup Maker SSB1E has a cooking function that allows the realization of a multitude of revenue through three pre-programmed temperature.

Cooking function:
  • 3 cooking temperatures 80/90/110 degrees to adjust the cooking time to the nature of the food (fresh / without boiling / rolling boil).
  • Timer 1 to 30 minutes to cook safely.Key manual mixing to avoid foods do not attach to the bottom during baking.
Blender function:
(4 speed mixing and Pulse Function)
  • Speed 1-11000 rev / min for mixing liquids and hot food.
  • Speed 2-15000 T / min
  • Speed 3-18000 T / min
  • Speed and Pulse 4 to 21000 rev / min
  • to mix hard foods and crushing ice.
Accessories heating SSB1E Soup Maker Cuisinart blender:
  • Knife 6 Stainless steel blades for a perfect blend.
  • Heat-resistant glass bowl, gross capacity 1.75 L.
  • FREE book containing 50 gourmet recipes and valuable tips for the best use of the heating Soup Maker SSB1E blender.

  • Power output: 500 W
  • Dimensions: L22 x D20 x H41 cm
  • Weight: 5.35 kg
  • The blender heating SSB1E Cuisinart Soup Maker is guaranteed for 3 years.

Magimix CS5200XL Food Processor Review

You'll love its ability to work in small or large quantities.
You'll love the Blender Mix for soups and creamy smoothies and juicer.
You'll love the extra-large chute for introducing whole vegetables (potatoes, zucchini ...).
You'll love its silence and power.
You'll love the ergonomic storage box.
You'll love the modern design.

It will help you to achieve all your preparations perfection: it ax, knead, mix, whip, emulsify, rasp The large 3.6 liter tank is designed for all preparations up to 8 people.

Midday tank of 2.6 liters is specially designed for slicing and grating.
The mini tank 1.2 liters serve you for all the little preparations for your darling baby or (e).
Capacity: 1.7 kg broken dough, bread 1.3 kg, 1.1 kg bun, minced 1.4 kg, 1.8 l soup, 1.4 kg carrots, egg whites 8.

Premium version 18568F = 5200XL comes with more accessories: one professional asynchronous motor Dimensions: H 41 x W 21 x D 26 cm Power: 1100 W 3 tanks 1 knife 1 knife metal mess professional quality mixer 1 white 2 discs slicer / grater 2 and 4 mm 1 juicer 1 spatula 1 box book 110 recipes Warranties.